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Github: https://github.com/henry4k/misfit-racing-with-mr-dude


To match the hybrid theme the game aims to combine traditional racing components with gameplay elements derived from the famous guitar hero series.

Story and gameplay.

You arrive at a desert race track together with three other drivers.

In your aim to be the best, you have to win against all of them. 

In the upcoming races you gather fuel barrels in order to upgrade your car in the workshop.

Navigation with WASD. SPACEBAR to talk to people.

(A) and (D) to switch the lane. (W) or (ArrowUp) to accelerate. (S) or (ArrowDown) to decelerate.

(A) and (D) to switch parts.
(W) and (S) to switch part categories.
(SPACEBAR) to buy/equip parts.
(X) to Leave.

(ESC) to open the Menu.

Special Thanks to all who played the game. 

We hope you had as much fun as we had making it.

Production, Programming, Design: Dominik Reitz

Graphics: Henry Kielmann

Thanks also to Sven Jütte. 
Without him and his help the project wouldn't even have started.

External Assets:
-Save Game Free - Gold Update    

-Pixel Operator

Sound Effect Packs:
-Engine Sound from the unity asset store
-UI Sounds from the unity asset store    

Sounds from freesound.org
-Bell Blip        

-Battle for Honour by YouFulca
-Are you kidding by YouFulca
-Victory Jingle by YouFulca
-GameOver Jingle by YouFulca    

-Just Chill by Aaron Krogh

Links to the assets are provided in the projects Readme file.

Game was made for Game Off 2018
Hosted by GitHub, Lee Reilly · #GitHubGameOff


Misfit Racing with Mr Dude.zip 27 MB

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